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Navigating life's tough spots with Chase Block,

Teen author of Chasing Happiness: One Boy's Guide to Helping Other Kids Cope with Divorce, Parental Addictions and Death


Chase Block is a popular teen with a mission he wants to help other kids struggling through their parents' divorce, addictions or suicide to know that they will get through this. He's living proof.

He's the author of Chasing Happiness: One Boy's Guide to Helping Other Kids Cope with Divorce, Parental Addictions and Death. The Jacksonville, Fla., native shares his unflinchingly honest journey from a 5-year-old trying unsuccessfully to keep his parents together through age 14, when his prescription drug-addicted mother committed suicide with a handgun in a hotel room.

In a last-ditch effort to persuade his mom to get help, Chase and his brother gave her an ultimatum until she kicked her addictions, she could not see or talk to her sons. They reasoned that since they were the most important people in her life, they were the only ones who might be able to convince her to accept help. Just two weeks after that last conversation, Tina Block took her life.

"I felt shocked and sick when Dad came to my school to tell me I felt like I'd been punched in the stomach," Chase said. "I fell to my knees in the grass and started sobbing."

Chase shares his journey from overwhelming grief to numb detachment to fleeting thoughts of taking his own life. That's when he knew he needed to get help himself.

Chase had already started outlining his original book concept giving other kids tips on getting through divorce when his mother took her life. Instead of abandoning the book idea, Chase decided to push on, and include this newest tragic chapter in his life. He realized he was not the only young person having to face a parent's heart-wrenching addictions, depression and death.

"As hard as it was to get through those waves of sorrow after my mom died," Chase said, "I knew I had to just make myself keep going. I always knew that with all that I'd been through, I could really help other kids.  We usually listen more to each other than parents or teachers."

With compassion and wisdom far beyond his years, the straight-talking teen weaves his practical, no-nonsense advice throughout Chasing Happiness. Some of the points he elaborates on include:

         Take responsibility for your own happiness

         Know when and who to ask for help

         No matter how bad it gets, it can and will always get better

         Don't bow to peer pressure kids who want you to do stupid things aren't your friends


"I wish a friend would have told me these things when I was going through them," Chase said. "At least now, maybe I can help other kids know what to expect, and what they can do."

Besides being an important resource for other young people, Chasing Happiness offers parents, mental health professionals and other adults a unique window into the mind of today's teens. Dallas area Psychotherapist Dr. Kay Trotter, who specializes in working with young people, enthusiastically endorses Chase's book, and wrote the foreword.

Chase is currently a 9th grader at The Bolles School in Jacksonville. He's an avid surfer, and is considering a career in politics or law.

Download Chase Block's One Pager.

To learn more, visit his public site at http://www.chasinghappinessbook.com or http://www.chaseblockbook.com. 

Media Contact is Michelle Tennant: Michelle@PublicityResults.com, 828.749.3200

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